In Week 8, commencing June 12,  we will enjoy ‘Worship Week’, and other activities as a campus, in support of the World Vision ‘40 Hour Challenge'.  The ‘40 Hour Challenge’ helps us to consider the needs of others before our own, by giving a little of the abundance that we enjoy. It is sometimes said that ‘happiness walks with givers, not getters’.  Therefore my challenge to us all is to think about how we can actively be involved in supporting the ‘40 Hour Challenge’ in 2023.  It’s also worth remembering that happiness is not the goal. Walking with God is. I’ll leave you to chat, as families, about these important truths over the coming few days.  

Have a wonderful long weekend.

Larne Edmeades


Industrial Action for Y9-Y13 Resumed
As per Mr Edmeades letter, the PPTA have resumed strike action from Wednesday, 31st May. Rostering home will therefore begin again, the plan for next week is as follows:
Y10 rostered home - Tuesday, 6th June
Y9 rostered home - Thursday, 8th June

40 Hour Challenge
16-18 June l Sign up 

Worship Week @ The Chapel
12-16 June l 8 am – 4 pm l Sign up 

Yearbook Ads
Email [email protected] 

Covid Notifications
With a small resurgence of Covid in the community we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the home page of our website has a button at the top right for you to click to access information, including FAQ’s, MOH information and the Covid Notification Form should your student test positive for Covid-19.

BC Prayer Team
You are welcome to join us to support BC through prayer, BC staffroom, Wednesdays at 8.45am.  Please email [email protected] if you are interested in joining us, or simply turn up.

ERO visit
4 visitors will be onsite from 6-8 June. They are available, should you wish to contact them on [email protected] or Jane Lee - 027 554 4029.