Welcome to Bethlehem College

Mr Eoin Crosbie
Thank you for visiting the Bethlehem College website.   We are committed to providing education that is Christ centered, biblically based, and prepares our young people for a life of effective service and leadership. The College has remained true to this foundational vision since its humble beginning over 20 years ago.
At Bethlehem College we believe that every child is unique and remarkable, with gifts that deserve to be cultivated by courage, effort and achievement.  Our curriculum includes academic, cultural and sporting pursuits, all of which are regarded as important in developing the whole person.  The staff members are committed to establishing strong relationships with students, as it is these relationships that provide the foundation for teaching, learning, discipleship, pastoral care and personal development.  

Children flourish in an environment that affirms life is not random but has meaning and purpose, with a bright future and a solid hope.  The teaching and learning ethos at Bethlehem College encourages a personal faith in Jesus Christ, a strong work ethic, involvement in a wide range of school and community activities, and a life of service and leadership.