Sports Report 29th August

Sports Report 29th August

Sports Report 29th August

Sports Report 29th August • Sport News • Bethlehem College

Bethlehem College is extremely proud of our international athletes who competed around the world during the July school holidays. Georgia Browne, Caleb Browne, Sarah Stratton and Eden Worsley represented New Zealand in Indoor Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Synchronised Swimming.

Sarah Stratton spent three weeks in the United States where she competed in Beach Volleyball and Indoor Volleyball as part of the New Zealand U19 Beach Volleyball team and the New Zealand Junior Women Indoor Volleyball team.

Sarah played in three tournaments in a row after completing several days of training and acclimatising and adjusting to the heat. Lots of good matches were played at a very high level against American teams in this age group where valuable experience was gained. She then flew to Florida with the Indoor New Zealand team for the USA High Performance Championships. This tournament of over 140 teams included international entries and a selection of top state high school and regional teams from the USA High Performance group. Over 50 College recruiters also attend this tournament to scout prospects for the following year’s College teams so the level of competition was very high. The tournament itself got off to a shaky start as half way through the first day, the city of Ft Lauderdale had a burst water main and the tournament was paused, teams were relocated to different hotels around south Florida and they waited to see when the stadium would have water back online. Fortunately, it was only a 36 hour delay, but it made for a very intense first day for the team as they had make-up matches to play to catch up on the schedule. Overall though, it was an outstanding five day tournament with a tenth place finish in the Girls’ International Youth Division, the best placing for a New Zealand team since 2007, so the team and coaches were very pleased.

Eden wore the Silver Fern in South Korea as part of the New Zealand Synchronised Swimming team competing at the 2019 FINA World Championships in Gwangju. Eden had been working towards this pinnacle event for two years as part of her national team. She described the endless hours of sacrifice to train, perform and save as completely worth it! She was there for approximately two and a half weeks and describes the event as the biggest and best experience of her life. Representing her country at the biggest competition in the world, meeting her sporting heroes and being part of a huge event was really special to her.

The venue huge, technology was first class and there were cameras were everywhere. They were delighted with their performances and managed to beat several countries in their competition.

Georgia Browne (Year 13) and Caleb Browne (Year 10), who were selected to represent New Zealand in Beach Volleyball. They travelled to the USA during the July school holidays with their New Zealand teams.  They trained with their NZ coaches and played at four different Californian beaches in two-aside Beach Volleyball tournaments organised by the Californian Beach Volleyball Association.  Georgia played in the Junior Women’s 18 and under age group and Caleb in the Youth men’s 16 and under age group.  The competition was tough for all the New Zealanders, with hot temperatures and the international opposition playing at a high level.  However, the opposition did find it difficult to pick up the New Zealanders’ outstanding serves, but compensated with great skill in defence and spiking.  There was some excellent development and results, with podium finishes from some of the younger NZ players.  Caleb won a bronze medal with his playing partner. The athletes were treated to a training session with Tyler Hildebrand, Director of Coaching for the USA Volleyball Beach National team programme.  Both Georgia and Caleb mentioned how valuable the coaching sessions were in terms of the new skills that they learnt, and then being able to use them in their games and develop their volleyball further.  Georgia particularly liked the fact that in California you can play beach volleyball all year round and play in a tournament nearly every day in summer.  They would like to thank all their supporters.