Let’s grow, develop and learn for the future, together. We’re honored to continue the learning journey of our students as they transition into Senior Secondary. Our goal is to see them flourish and achieve their God given potential. 

Luke 2:52 states: "Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.”

Just as Jesus grew in all aspects of his life, we endeavour to grow our students intellectually, physically, morally and . The Senior Secondary School, Years 10-13, outworks the school mission in the following areas.

Hannelie Freeman

Assistant Head of Secondary-Senior Pastoral

Joella Skilleter

Assistant Head of Secondary-Senior Curriculum

Bethlehem College has an established dedication to academic excellence, where students are challenged and supported to achieve their intellectual goals. Our Assistant Head of Secondary, responsible for the senior curriculum, leads the teaching and learning of a biblically-based, future-focussed academic curriculum. Academic deans support students at each of the year levels, Years 10-13, in the Senior Secondary School.

Academic Deans:

Role Contact
Year 10 and 11 Ms Pye
Year 12 Mrs McLean
Year 13 Mrs McFarlane

Senior secondary learner profile

What qualities do we want our students to strive for? The aim is for students to become Christ followers who demonstrate the following godly qualities – wisdom, righteousness, love, hope, humility, faithfulness and joy. The characteristics which arise from these qualities are found here:



  • Understand a Biblical worldview
  • Demonstrate Biblical thinking
  • Demonstrates Critical thinking
  • Is a life-long learner
  • Can transfer their skills into other areas

  • Honours God
  • Understands a sense of Justice
  • Has Integrity
  • Is Honest
  • Has an attitude of Prayerfulness

  • Demonstrates Courage
  • Expresses Positive Relationships
  • Understands Whanaungatanga (honouring family & whanau)
  • Demonstrates Manaakitanga (hospitality)
  • Is Inclusive of others
  • Demonstrates Compassion
  • Respects diversity

  • Demonstrates Resilience
  • Demonstrates Creativity
  • Is an Inquiry learner
  • Understands his or her Purpose
  • Is Enterprising and innovative
  • Demonstrates Perseverance

  • Serves others
  • Honours others
  • Shows Respect for others in the community
  • Demonstrates good manners
  • Is a Peace-making
  • Can Collaborate
  • Is Thankful

  • Understands Commitment
  • Demonstrates Trust
  • Is Obedient
  • Strives for Excellence
  • Demonstrates Kaitiakitanga (Stewardship)

  • Has an inner sense of Contentment
  • Demonstrates Enthusiasm