Gifted &

Gifted & Talented 

Academically advanced achievers are identified by teachers using data from classwork, tests and their own observations of the students’ questioning and learning. Teachers extend and enrich these students - by grouping them with other students of similar ability, providing more challenging work, and encouraging them to work collaboratively and creatively in their work to delve deeper into the concepts on offer.

In the Secondary School, this may include sitting NCEA earlier than their peers, and by studying for Scholarship.

In Junior Secondary, the students are encouraged to explore a variety of subjects taught by specialist teachers. The students are also encouraged to take advantage of the many things on offer in sports, culture and competitions. These opportunities allow the students to discover new avenues and become aware of their abilities in other areas that may not have yet been explored. In Years 7 and 8, students are ability-grouped in mathematics and reading, as well as extension being offered in other subjects by the class teacher. Contact Madeleine Lambert for more information.