We’re passionate about ensuring our students are prepared and excited about their bright futures.

 Our philosophy is founded on two biblical principles:

    1. Students have God-given purpose in life and we can help them explore this (Ephesians 4:1)
    2. Students have gifts and talents that they can grow and use for the benefit of others in the workplace (Matthew 25:14-30) 


Our services

We offer a wide range of Careers Advice Services to guide and support students and teachers, which include: 

  • Careers Centre (Q104) as a point of first contact with a range of take-away resources and advice
  • Career Interviews
  • Access to a comprehensive careers software programme:
  • A variety of specialist courses for students to cater to their unique strengths and interests, e.g. university papers online, one day a week polytechnic courses (‘Trades Academy’), ‘Taster Days’ at polytechnic, short one-three day courses with tertiary providers and industry training organisations
  • Work Experience Placements from half day one-off placements, to ongoing regular days
  • A range of guest speakers and experiences in school classrooms and assemblies to extend career concepts
  • Assistance with moving out of school into work or study, e.g. CVs and interview preparation.
  • Liaison reps from all NZ Universities, and some polytechnics, will visit Bethlehem College two -three times per year to assist students with transitioning to study, e.g. Enrolment, Halls of Residence Applications, Scholarship Applications
  • Annual Canvas Careers Expo and Tertiary Awareness Day
  • Resourcing to subject teachers from Years 7 to 13 to assist them in making connections between the classroom and the world of work


More about Careers Interviews:

What could you do when you leave school? What are your strengths? What subjects do you need to take?  What could you do now?  What options are out there?

Students can request an interview with either the Careers Advisor or their Academic Dean.  They book online via  Parents are welcome to attend with their children.

More about ‘Career Central’ software:

We ensure all Senior Secondary students have access to this relevant, up-to-date resource which is based on the latest research in careers education.   Some of the many features are:

  • Bulls Eye Quiz: assesses student’s strengths and skills and matches with possible future pathway options
  • Students build their own personal profile and update it throughout their time in Senior Secondary. Teachers, students and parents can track and reflect on their progress regarding future career pathways
  • Job exploration with comprehensive job information
  • CV Builder: takes data from students profiles and transforms it into an editable, targetable CV
  • In-built lessons around identifying strengths and careers values, targeting a CV, and emotional intelligence
  • Events Calendar: the place to find out about all BC’s career opportunities and express interest/book a spot
  • Credits overview


More about Specialist Courses:

  • University Papers: Year 13 students can apply to study one – two university papers in the place of a school subject.  (Subject to approval by Head of Curriculum)

  • Gateway Studies: a full year course as a school subject in a vocational context of interest to each individual student.  It includes both a work experience placement and related units standards to be completed in class. Examples of contexts are: mechanical engineering, hospitality, equine studies, retail and management, agriculture, plumbing, construction, electrical, telecommunications and more.

  • Trades Academy: full year course where students are in school four days and at Toi Ohomai (or other tertiary provider) one day a week.  Examples of courses include Mechanical Engineering, Construction, Automotive, Forestry, Agriculture, Hospitality & Culinary, Hair and Beauty, Retail, Tikanga Hauora & Health, Exercise and Sport Coaching, and more.

 Career Pathways Lead Team:

Mrs Anna Exelby Careers Advisor
Mrs Kim Tapper Gateway Co-ordinator
Mrs Miriam McFarlane Year 13 Academic Dean
Mr Michael Shadbolt Year 12 Academic Dean
Miss Helen Pye Year 10-11 Academic Dean