We’re passionate about ensuring our students are prepared and excited about their bright futures.

 Our philosophy is founded on two biblical principles:


  1. A divine life purpose - the belief that each student has a God given life purpose and that the school’s role is to help the student discover this (Eph 4:1)
  2. God giftedness for each individual - students are able to discover the gifts and talents given to them by God and grow in exercising them for the benefit of others in the workplace (Matthew 25:14-30)


Our services

We offer a wide range of helpful career advice services and resources to guide and support students and teachers, which include: 

  1. Subject planning
  2. Student interviews
  3. Variety of special courses for students outside normal curriculum classes e.g. university and polytechnic courses, hospitality, hairdressing etc
  4. Tertiary funding resources and advice e.g. for tertiary scholarships
  5. Work placements to provide guidance for career directions from half day one-off placement, to regular days
  6. Information and direction on a range of school exchange and GAP programmes
  7. Resourcing to school subject teachers from Year 7 to 13 to enable teaching to take place within a workplace context
  8. Provide a range of speakers and experiences in school classrooms and assemblies to extend career concepts
  9. Careers Centre Room as a point of first contact with a range of resources and advice
  10. Assistance with moving out of school into work or study e.g. CVs and interview preparation.


Let’s talk about your future career:

Careers interviews 

What will you do when you leave school? What are your strengths, and what subjects do you need to take?

All Year 12 and 13 students will have an interview with their Academic dean. Year 10 and 11 students may make specific request for an interview. Parents are welcome to attend with their children. Students can sign up at the Careers Centre notice board for an interview request. Get in touch for more details. [email protected]

Career Pathways Lead Team

This is comprised of Mrs Anna Exelby (Careers Advisor) or Mrs Kim Tapper (Gateway Co-ordinator) and the Academic Deans.

Career courses

Individual learning courses

A range of half-day to full year courses are available if a student has a special interest. Examples of this include:

  1. The option to spend six months completing university papers in mathematics, philosophy, computer science, sport science. These papers are taken in the place of a school subject.
  2. Short courses in farm skills, hospitality, aviation etc (from half-day courses to three-day courses)
  3. Polytechnic and other private training establishment courses held over one term to a full year in animal care, beauty therapy, fitness, recreation, sport, health science, horticulture, landscape design, tourism, early childhood education etc. These courses are taken in place of a school subject.


Workplace-based courses

  1. Half-day to one day workplace exploratory visits.
  2. Ten day structured placement plus work-based unit standards where a student is more certain about their career direction.
  3. Gateway Studies full year course as a school subject in a wide variety of workplaces involving both work placement and units standards related to that workplace. Examples of student courses are: mechanical engineering, hospitality, equine studies, retail and management, agriculture, aviation, plumbing, building.
  4. Trades Academy programmes at   covering mechanical engineering, construction, automotive, early childhood, exercise and sport coaching, café services, beauty therapy, and at Taratahi Institute covering agriculture and equine. Students are in school four days and out one day.

For more information contact Mrs Anna Exelby (Careers Advisor) or Mrs Kim Tapper (Gateway Co-ordinator)