What’s at the heart of our learning

Getting to know you: within our community we celebrate differences. We recognise all students are made in the image of God, are culturally diverse, learn differently and are given different talents and abilities.

Building learning power: we recognise students are the core participants in our school. We proactively teach critical thinking, effective learning skills and good habits. Students learn how to learn and learn how to manage weaknesses and motivation barriers.

Personalised learning: we use our understanding and knowledge of students to shape curriculum and learning, giving it authentic context. We challenge students to be active participants in their learning process.

Adventurous learning: we nurture a culture of innovation and creativity. Students and teachers are encouraged to be adventurous and pursue new ways of doing things, always with an attitude of service to others.

Transformation and growth: we teach strategies that enable students to learn in their areas of strength, while challenging them to develop in their areas of weakness. Growing students’ understanding of who God is and their identity in Him is top of the list.