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For all your questions about finance,
please email us  or ph:+ 64 7 579 1856.

Here’s a summary of information to get you off to a good start: 

International Student Fees

Fee Schedule:

2018 Fee Schedule for International Students

2019 Fee Schedule for International Students

Fee guidelines and criteria

The New Zealand Ministry of Education requires that schools protect the fees of all students.  Course fees and homestay fees will be paid into the Bethlehem College investment account for foreign fees. Bethlehem College pays homestay fees to the homestay family direct, fortnightly in advance. Any unused homestay money is refunded to the student's bank account at the end of the school year.

Costs at enrolment and during the school year

Agents or families are advised of the expected requirements on enrolment and/or in June and December. These may include homestay fees, pocket money/allowance, bus fees, uniform costs, and a contingency fee to cover items such as doctor's accounts, books, travel, clothing, telephone accounts etc.  

How do I pay?

We have partnered with Cohort Go Payments to offer a fairer, smarter and easier way to pay student expenses.

Using this international payment gateway saves you time and money, with every payment delivered at a favourable foreign exchange rate with No Fees.

With real-time tracking you’ll always know where your payments are from start to finish

Make a tuition payment


To make a tuition payment, visit COHORT GO and begin the transfer process.

Cohort Go Information Sheet

Questions about Cohort Go?

Cohort Go offers one-on-one support via email , online chat (once you are on the Cohort Go site click the blue question mark at the bottom of the payment screen) and phone (+61 7 3333 1522) to answer all your questions – no matter where you are in the world.

Alternatively, you can contact the Bethlehem College International office on  +64 7 579 1856.

Students’ personal spending

Bethlehem College believes students should learn stewardship and budgeting skills. We operate a two bank account system that allows the student some control of their own finances, while keeping parents aware of how their money is being spent.

Bank Account #1

We arrange for all international students to place their personal spending money in a Bank of New Zealand account in their own name. This account belongs to the student. The funds in this account can only be withdrawn through automatic payments arranged by the student and the Bethlehem College international office, or by a withdrawal signed by the student and a designated International staff member.

The school operates a 'cash management system'. This reduces bank fees for the students when withdrawals are made from their accounts. 

Bank Account #2

An amount of no more than NZ$50 is transferred weekly to a second account in the student's name. This is an allowance/pocket money account and must be kept in credit at all times. The account is operated solely by the student. The student is issued with an ATM money card and can make withdrawals at most shops, supermarkets or ATM machines throughout New Zealand. Any money remaining in the student's accounts at the end of the student's time at school is returned to the student's family.

If your child needs money for a large item, such as a computer, bicycle etc. they’ll need to talk to Director International about their request. We’ll then get in touch with you before any money is taken out of the bank account. When we have your permission, the money can be withdrawn from the bank and used by the student.

Bank statements

Bank statements are issued from the Bank of New Zealand every month. A copy of the statement is sent to parents and a copy is available to the student.

Refund policy

This procedure is based on Section 4B (7) of the Educational Amendment (No 4) Act 1991.

The College will protect the fees of all students and be able to refund those fees under certain circumstances.


  • To ensure that if in the event that the College is unable to continue to run a course or programme that the unspent portion of the fees are available to be returned to the student.
  • To ensure that if a student is unable to attend a course and suitable notification is received fees will be refunded.

To ensure fair practice is observed if a student leaves a course and applies in writing for a refund or partial refund of tuition fees for the remaining part of the course.


  1. If you withdraw from your course of study before the course completion, you may be eligible for a refund of school fees.
  2. Any application for refund of fees must be made in writing to the Board of Trustees, explaining why you have withdrawn from the course and the reasons for seeking a refund.
  3. If your application is made before the start of your course, your fees will be refunded in full less the enrolment fee of NZ$500 and any commission already paid.
  4. If a student withdraws following arrival in New Zealand, the refund structure is as follows:

Before the end of the first term

  • Two terms’ tuition fees only
  • Less commission
  • Less government levy

Before the end of the second term

  • One term tuition fees
  • Less commission
  • Less government levy
    Except in exceptional circumstances where a student returns home after the end of the second term, no refund will be made.

Exceptional circumstances include returning home in case of:
a)      the student’s serious illness
b)      death or serious illness of a close member of the student’s family. 

Medical evidence must be provided. In these circumstances under New Zealand law, the College must retain amounts to cover costs already incurred. The balance of tuition fees will be refunded.

No refund will be made to a student enrolled at the College prior to 1 March who becomes a Permanent Resident after 1 March (in any year). For the following academic year, the student must apply for enrolment as a New Zealand resident. Automatic right of re-enrolment may not apply.

All refunds will be remitted to either the parents of the student or to the agent appointed by the student’s parents and not directly to the student.

NO REFUND will be made to a student expelled from the College by the Board of Trustees or required to leave the College because of misbehaviour, poor attendance, non-compliance with the College rules and regulations or breech of New Zealand law.

Download our full refund policy