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Bethlehem College has a capped roll that allows for approximately 80 international students from Years 1-13.  This is less than 5% of the total college roll, and ensures an authentic Kiwi experience with some international flavour.  Placement availability will be advised upon application or enquiry.

Mainstream Course: Primary or Secondary School studies and English as a Second Language

Intake Date: Beginning of February (Term 1) or at the beginning of Term 3 if places are available at the requested year level

Length of Course: 1+ Years Minimum of one semester (being two terms / six months)

Enrolment: New applications should be sent between June and September, prior to the intended year of study

To ensure your application can be processed as quickly as possible, please complete and return the documents that are included in the application pack:

  • Application form - signed by the student and parents
  • Conditions of enrolment - as above and also initialed by parents at the bottom of each page
  • Homestay rules and guidelines - signed by the student and parents
  • Student information sheet - completed with as much information as possible
  • Medical form - ensuring all health details are completed and up-to-date
  • EOTC & Activity form

We will also need you to provide this additional information with your application.

  • Letter to host family - to be used as a letter of introduction
  • Photos - including photos of family and special occasions 
  • Copy of passport (the photo and information page)
  • School reports and/or academic records - please provide copies in English of latest reports

The documents need to be completed in full and must be signed at the bottom right hand corner of each page by the student and parents or guardians. The signatures of an agent and/or relative will not suffice. All school reports must be translated into English.

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Studying in a new country is a huge adventure and we know you have a lot of questions. All new students to Bethlehem College are welcomed with an orientation programme to ensure a smooth transition into studying and living in New Zealand. We can’t wait to meet you! Our fun, relaxed orientation days may include:

  • meeting our staff/ introductions
  • making friends with new and existing students.
  • taking a tour of your new school
  • engaging in sport and cultural opportunities
  • lots of general school information
  • meeting important contacts within the school
  • information about cultural differences

Secondary students only:

  • a tour of Tauranga (Terms 1 and 3)
  • homestay information
  • how to choose your school subjects
  • NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement)
  • Shared morning tea with mainstream buddies and key staff from around the school.

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