Participating in sports encourages your children to be active, healthy and to learn about co-operation through working as a team. It’s one of our key learning areas because we believe it’s an essential life skill.

We encourage children to be active and involved in a range of sporting activities. Physical development, movement, fitness, skills, participation and competition is encouraged through school, inter-school and regional sporting opportunities. We are fortunate to be part of our local network of schools and through Sport Bay of Plenty we participate in many events and programmes such as Small Sticks; Go for it!; Squash and Dynamos. This exposes our children to many new skills, recreational pursuits and interests, as well as competitive inter-school and regional events.

As part of the Curriculum, students are involved in a vast range of physical education activities. This includes fundamental skills development and fitness. All students take part in class games and participate in school-wide events such as cross country, athletics, soccer and other house-based sporting competitions.

We also encourage our students to join local team and individual sports clubs to participate in soccer, rugby, hockey, squash, badminton, tennis, athletics, swimming and gymnastics. We sometimes join with other smaller schools to field teams in netball and basketball. When we have enough student interest in any sport we put together a team and enter the local competition e.g. touch rugby.