Our aim is to encourage children to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, understand how to see the world through a biblical world-view and live their lives in a way that reflects that. This begins with heart transformation. 

As children walk out of Bethlehem College Chapman, we desire to see them confident in their faith, committed to lifelong learning, humble, secure and courageous young people who are loving and identified by their service to God and to others. With Christ at their centre, they will respect and value the unique contributions of others, operate interdependently and be proactive, faithful and creative in their learning. 

We believe in walking the talk. Morality is living what we hold to be true according to the Bible. Every aspect of our Bethlehem College Chapman community reflects our moral beliefs and values; our relationships, teaching and learning programmes, systems, structure, policies, procedures, words and actions.

An integral aspect of our Integrated Curriculum, is the intentional encouragement of our students to actively look for ways they can promote justice, show mercy, walk humbly and serve our city and nation as a result of their learning.