Informed by Biblically-based, Christ-centred faith, we equip and encourage our students to engage with, reason and critically think through knowledge, concepts, issues and skills informed by a Biblical worldview out of which integrity of heart and mind is lived in practice.

We’re dedicated to fostering academic excellence and the pursuit of knowledge personalised to  your child. This is God-honouring and involves responsible stewardship in light of the unique gifts and talents of each individual student. We’re committed to delivering the New Zealand curriculum, while keeping in mind our school’s special character - nurturing education on the basis of a biblically informed view of the world. 

Our integrated Curriculum makes connections across every subject area so learning is relevant, contextual and interesting. This means students can connect education with their lives, now and into their future. To do this, we get to know our students, build strong trusting relationships, personalise their learning, celebrate their differences and encourage them to take learning risks, think critically, grow and transform. God’s fingerprint is evident in every part of our learning.

We’re thrilled to offer a range of diverse subjects including: Biblical Studies, Coding, Wood Technology, Food Technology, French, Music, Te Reo Māori and Visual Arts.

We also encourage and believe in homework. This is part of consolidating classroom learning, through building on student application of knowledge, skills and understanding and engaging with opportunities to develop character virtues and service.

Identified by Service through being impacted byTruth, Informed by Faith, Inspired by Hope and Ignited by Love.

We believe that an inner life of strongly grounded, Biblically informed faith leads to genuine service opportunities in which love, justice, and transformation within community and a nation can be realised. Our Integrated Curriculum and the learning which results leads to authentic service in which our children gain meaningful understanding and experience of being responsive young people, faithful stewards, contributors, and active agents of life-giving, practical change.