Important Chapman Information

School hours

School starts: 8:40am - we recommend arriving by 8:30am to settle before the bell.

Morning Tea: 10:40am - 11:00am

Lunch: 12:40pm - 1:30pm

End of school: 3:15pm

Term Dates 2021


Term 1: Wed 3 FebruaryFri 16 April
Term 2: Tue 4 MayFri 9 July
Term 3: Tue 27 JulyFri 1 October
Term 4: Tue 19 OctoberFri 17 December

Term Dates 2022


Term 1: Wed 2 FebruaryThu 14 April
Term 2: Tue 3 MayFri 8 July
Term 3: Tue 26 JulyFri 30 September
Term 4: Tue 18 OctoberThu 15 December


07 346 1492

[email protected]

Postal address:

PO Box 10082, Rotorua Mail Centre 3046, New Zealand


47 Biak St, Rotorua.


Join us to support your children at the whole school assembly. We’d love to welcome parents, approved caregivers and whānau to our school assemblies, held fortnightly on Monday mornings at 8.50am. Assembly allows our Senior School young leaders to serve as M.C.’s. This is a time for learning to be showcased and celebrated, schoolwide culture to be strengthened through worship, waiata, prayer, and sharing biblical truths. Achievements-character, academic, musical, visual art, drama, cultural and sporting awards, as well as birthdays, are properly acknowledged within our community and the hard earned Principal’s Awards are received at such times. We may also have special speakers/visitors on occasion throughout each year.


We believe home-based learning consolidates what’s been learnt in the classroom. Talk to your class teacher about expectations.


Our uniform shop is on site at Bethlehem College Chapman and is open on Tuesdays between 10am and 3.30pm.

Parents are asked to please name ALL children’s clothing and property and to encourage children to be accountable for their belongings.

Looking for second hand uniforms? Questions about sizes? Contact the school office for more information.


We welcome your questions and interest in your child’s school work. Contact our School Office to arrange an interview with class teachers at any time during the year. We have an ‘Open Door policy’ and we welcome open communication as this ensures we serve your family and your child in optimal ways. Scheduled times to meet the teacher are built into the school programme:

  • Term 1: Informal ‘Meet the teacher’ in which teacher shares re aspects of our BCC culture, their classroom expectations, routines, learning programme, digital tools, and information relevant to the age and stage of the child.
  • End of Term 1 – Sharing of Assessment information gathered across the first 6 weeks of Term 1 and the setting and sharing of goals for the individual learner.
  • End of Term 2 - Written report is sent home to parents. Interview follow up as and if required or requested.
  • Term 4 - Written report is sent home to parents. Interview follow-up as and if required or requested.


If your child is not going to be at school, please either email [email protected], [email protected]  or ring and leave a message with the school office. A roll check is completed in class before 9am.  If your child is absent and we haven’t heard from you, we will contact you to ensure your child’s safety.  

To prevent sickness from spreading, it is important for you to keep your child at home when they are ill. How long they should stay home depends on what sickness they have. A general rule is that a child should remain home for 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting. 


Electronic games, mobile phones and devices are not allowed at school unless requested by staff for a specific purpose. We discourage toys of any kind. The school accepts no responsibility for personal items brought to school by children. This includes sports gear. 


Parents are welcome at the school at all times. If you wish to see a class teacher for a longer conversation, please make an appointment outside class time. If you would like to assist in the classroom please make arrangements through the classroom teacher. All visitors to the school are required to sign in and out at the school office.


To ensure the safety of your child, they are not permitted to leave the school grounds without teacher supervision once they have come to school unless collected by a parent or approved caregiver. If you have to collect your child for any reason, please visit the school office before doing so. You must sign your child out before leaving the building.


Bethlehem College Chapman does not provide after school care.


We have the best and most enthusiastic PTA in the entire world! This is reflected in our fun and entertaining PTA events:

  • Blokes ‘n kids breakfast! -This is annual event in which we invite dads, grandads, youth leaders, sport coaches, or other men of significance in our young pople’s lives to come with them to breakfast. It is a way of honouring these men who make such a difference in a child’s life and of recognising that it takes an entire ‘village’ to raise a child.
  • Girls Pamper Evening- This is an opportunity for our girls to engage in those fun activities like dressing up, having hair and nails done, swapping items of pre-loved clothing and celebrating the ladies in our lives who advocate for our gorgeous girls.
  • Spring Fair- This is a bi-annual event held in November through which we showcase our multi-cultural community, celebrate a vast array of creative talents such as weaving, painting, jewellery, card-making, baking, sewing, growing plants etc. by selling a whole range of quality products. We tantalise tastebuds with delicious food options from across the world, present a range of stalls for second hand books, bric a brac etc. and offer family fun for children to participate in and enjoy.
  • Mid-Winter dinners-These are a yearly themed event through which we honour and thank our multiple volunteers who assist in the classroom, undertake administrative tasks,contribute their talents voluntarily, and who make our community the wonderful place it is.
  • Community Blessing-We look to support our children in serving needs within our Rotorua community through making meals for families, providing morning or afternoon teas, catering for events, and blessing those who come to our notice.
  • Parent Education Forums-These happen throughout the year as an integral part of equipping and supporting parents and grandparents in the bringing up of their children. They may be centred on aspects of Christian Education, Digital learning, Subject centred e.g. Reading; Maths; Science; or Issue centred e.g. Drug and Alcohol Education, or related to Learning Challenges e.g. Anxiety, Dyslexia etc.
  • School Events-We provide Sausage Sizzles, Winter Term lunch specials like Homemade Hamburgers and Pizza, Celebrate School birthdays, and milestones with ice cream sundaes, cake, and engage in party activity fun.

Like to get involved with the PTA? We’d love your help and ideas. Contact us for more information.