Kia ora! Naumai, haere mai! Malo e le lei, Talofa lava! Welcome to Bethlehem College Chapman, Rotorua.

We’re part of the Bethlehem College learning community. Situated in the heart of the beautiful, bilingual city of Rotorua, we offer rich NZ cultural heritage and history of our Maori people, spectacular geographical scenery, and resonate with the desire of our colleagues across the city to ensure Rotorua is a ‘great place to learn and to grow’. We serve our community by offering parents a non-denominational Christian Educational choice. We are located on the Living Well Church site, 47 Biak Street and have a Roll Cap of 120 students, Years 1-8 inclusive.

Our school community is family focused. Our heart is to strengthen family relationships and maximise opportuntiies to learn together. This happens through genuinely valuing and learning with and from each other (ako).We see ourselves as a ‘waka’ in which each individual member of our BCC community has a paddle to propel our waka forward as we take personal responsibility to grow, mature and encourage one another.

We’re excited to be equipping children for the future God has created them for. Faith, hope, love, justice and humility are transforming character virtues, centred on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Commitment, courage, faithfulness and grace are part of the process of growing such virtues. We look at the world through a biblical lens and teach our students to live their lives with integrity, aligning their core beliefs with their actions. Community is important to us and we celebrate learning and growing individually and together, benefiting all.

Our Vision is to grow young people with a strong sense of personal identity, a sound understanding of their own unique purpose, a strong commitment to being interdependent and to building community as they act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with their God. These young people will be Informed by their Christian faith, impacted by Truth, inspired by hope, ignited by love and identified by their service, and we pray they will be known as humble, just, loving, faithful, secure, and courageous.”

Hazel Warnes, Head of School


Informed by Biblically-based, Christ-centred faith, we equip and encourage our students to engage with, reason and critically think through knowledge, concepts, issues and skills informed by a Biblical worldview out of which integrity of heart and mind is lived in practice.

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We believe children flourish in an environment that affirms God as Sovereign Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer and in which there is clear understanding that life has a greater meaning and purpose.

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We believe that our young people thrive when they are physically fit, active and enjoying the fullness of Creation through which resilience and well-being are fostered.

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We believe in sharing the richness of cultural identity, heritage and diversity in Rotorua and across our BCC community and the place and power of the Performing Arts through which this is developed.

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As a school, we believe in the power of strong, positive home-to-school relationships where parents and teachers work together to support our students’ learning. We value open communication between our students, parents, teachers and school management.


We encourage you to apply early

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