As a state integrated school, Bethlehem College is similar to other New Zealand state schools in having a Board of Trustees. This board is made up of elected representatives, proprietor appointees and the Principal, one staff and one student representative

Elections for the board are held every three years and student representatives are elected annually.

The Board has an essential role in the life and operation of the college. The Board on its own or through its Chief Executive, the Principal:

  • Creates and enacts policy
  • Employs staff
  • Oversees the financial management of the college
  • Ensures the college is safe for students and employees - Monitors performance
  • Sets strategic direction

A more detailed explanation of the work of a school board can be found here:


To contact the Board Chair (Paul Shakes) or write to the Board of Trustees, email [email protected]

Paul Shakes

Board Chaiperson

Karen Miller

Board Secretary

Larne Edmeades


Margaret Canter
Margaret Canter


Jon Parker


Gillian Flores

Parent Elect

Elena Hood

Parent Elect

Angela Pedersen

Parent Elect

Rob Stacey

Parent Elect

Jo West

Staff Representative

Jemima Thomas
Jemima Thomas

Student Representative