Teaching and Learning

Shane Beckett
Associate Principal
07 579 1829
My role is to help maintain and improve the quality of teaching and learning in the school, across Years 1 - 13. This goal is being facilitated through teacher professional development, a robust appraisal and attestation system, specific use of student data to inform teaching and learning and differentiated programmes to meet student needs.
We have developed a strong teacher appraisal system which helps teachers identify and take charge of their professional development needs and/or desires. This is done through what we call a ‘teacher improvement cycle’ process which offers a great mixture of accountability and support for teachers in their ongoing commitment to quality teaching practice.
We are looking closely throughout the school this year at making the best use of student achievement data to promote learning. This data is carefully analysed to determine students learning needs and this then informs
decisions around developing teaching programmes to meet those needs. This school wide commitment is expressed through our school appraisal goal for 2010: ‘Teachers using evidence to inform and influence their teaching and learning programmes.’
At BC, we desire all students to be learning to their potential. We are therefore looking at interventions for underachievement and also extension opportunities for higher achieving students. It is important to us at BC that we are considering all types of student learning needs, that our students are experiencing success and that we maintain and improve our student achievement results.