While studying at Bethlehem College, international students have the unique opportunity to serve schools both within New Zealand and overseas where there is a need.  Help is given by assisting with teaching, activities, resources, school maintenance and/or building projects.

Overseas opportunities are organized by teachers and staff of Bethlehem College and generally take place during school holidays.  In 2011, the opportunities have been:

Strong links have been established over the past seven years, with the people of Tonga.  This is a 16-day experience working with primary andmiddle schools in Tongatapu and will indclue a visit to the island of Ha'apai where Bethlehem College students will serve in the local schools.

A link has been made with a small rural school.  Staff and students will be visiting to explore the possibility of establishing a long-term ongoing relationship.

Solomon Islands
This is a now an established mission opportunity with a dual focus of serving the people of the Solomon Islands and developing Christian character.  Work is done in Honiara as well as Su'u Secondary School on Malaita Island.

A new opportunity partnering with the Historic Village in Tauranga and Students International (USA).  Staff and students are involved in a whole range of activities, serving the local communities in Momi Bay and Suva.

Please look at our Service page for more information.