Second Hand Uniform Letter to Parents

Dear Parents

The Uniform Shop's main operation is to sell new Bethlehem College uniforms. It does not purchase second-hand uniform items, nor process them. The only exception is when a family is emigrating, in which case that family may contact the manager of the Uniform Shop.

Second-hand uniform items are processed by volunteers then sold 'on behalf' in the shop.
Resale of Quality Second-hand Uniforms
Volunteers working off campus sort and process second hand uniforms for sale. If you have something for sale, it must be the current uniform only i.e. with the current logo, presented in 'as new' condition and left at the drop-off point inside the door at the Uniform Shop. 
Please note: garments that are unwashed, stained (including paint stains), torn, worn-out, with missing pockets, rips or tears, or with broken zips will not be sold, donated or returned (over 50% of clothing currently being sent in is not acceptable for selling or donating and is disposed of but not returned to you). No socks are accepted.
Please, be careful not to waste our volunteers' time by submitting items that are not suitable for re-sale.   A handling charge of 25% is deducted at time of sale.
How to Sell Quality Second-hand Uniform items
1.      Click on the 'Return form for second hand uniforms' icon at the bottom of this page or collect a Sales Form from Bethlehem Trading Co.
2.      Complete the form and put it with the uniforms in a secure bag. If there are several bags, a completed form must be inside each bag. Do not use hangers.
3.      Leave the bag or bags in the drop-off point bin provided - next to the uniform shop entrance.
4.      When a second-hand uniform item is sold, a credit note with their personal account number will be sent to the primary caregiver. This number must be supplied for future purchases at the Uniform Shop. If the number is lost, email the Second-hand Uniform co-ordinator to locate it. 
5.      Any change of address and other related questions may also be directed to the second-hand uniform co ordinator - by emailing
6.      Uniform Shop staff are not able to attend to any queries concerning the processing of second-hand uniform
items, at any time. 
Please do not discuss second-hand uniform items with Uniform Shop staff, sort these items out in the shop, or leave them on the shop counter. This disrupts the core business of the Uniform Shop which is to sell garments. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.
Yours sincerely
PHILLIP NASH                                                                       LIS SEAL                        
BETHLEHEM TRADING CO                                                   BETHLEHEM TRADING CO   
Chair                                                                                        Uniform Shop Manager