School Rules

Bethlehem College fosters the development of Christian character in the lives of all its students. All students are therefore required to follow these rules:

Respect for staff, visitors and other students is to be shown at all times. This also means that no form of verbal or physical bullying or harassment is tolerated.

Respect is to be shown for all campus property, and students are to remain within the boundaries set for them.

The possessions and rights of others are to be respected at all times, therefore:

  • Items such as knives or any other weapons, dangerous or offensive items, cigarettes, cigarette lighters, alcohol, fireworks, illegal drugs, aerosol deodorants or pornographic material are prohibited.
  • Cell phones are best left at home.  When at school they must be turned off – if seen or heard they will be confiscated.
  • Ipods / CD players and other electronic devices are only allowed on the bus.
  • Office telephones are not to be used by students unless a staff member has given permission. 
  • Large sums of money and valuable personal items should not be brought to school.

    In the classroom students are expected to follow the 5 P’s:

  • Punctuality - be on time
  • Preparedness - bring required materials to class
  • Politeness - respect the teacher and other students
  • Participation - participate positively in their learning
  • Perseverance - complete all set work to the best of their ability

To ensure the safety of students on campus:

  • Normal traffic regulations must be observed, including the use of pedestrian crossings.
  • Senior students need to have passes if they drive their own vehicles to and from school and must abide by the instructions given.
  • In the event of an emergency, students must follow the procedures as per instructions.

Students are to abide by the Uniform Code as set out in the Dress Code. Correct school uniform is to be worn to and from school and at all school events and functions.