Mufti Guidelines

Bethlehem College is a Christian school seeking to develop "servant-leadership" qualities in students. The school expects that students will present themselves in a way that will reflect Godly standards and bring credit to their families, the school and themselves. Parents are asked to support the school totally in ensuring that students dress with decency and modesty at all times. Therefore, for all school occasions when ‘Mufti’ attire is allowed, the following guidelines shall be adhered to. If students arrive inappropriately attired, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child or bring more suitable clothing to school.

  1. No low necklines (no cleavage).
  2. No bare midrifts or backless tops.
  3. No spaghetti strap tops.
  4. No tank tops with very low necklines.
  5. No clothing with objectionable logos or pictures or script. Teachers decide what is objectionable.
  6. No shorts shorter than fingertip height when arms held down at sides.
  7. Dresses or skirts must be no shorter than fingertip height when arms held down at sides and must be worn with bike pants or tights underneath.
  8. No skin tight clothing.
  9. No transparent clothing (eg beach frocks) unless it is layered with other garments underneath.
  10. No cross-dressing.
  11. For water activities - no bikinis. A t-shirt must be worn over the top.
  12. Same rules apply regarding cellphones and ipods as for school, unless teacher in charge gives different instructions.
  13. The teacher in charge may decide to set a higher standard for their particular trip (eg, closed in shoes, long pants only, no jeans, etc)