Management Structure

At Bethlehem College we have a structure that seeks to reflect the priorities in our mission statement.
We are a Year 1 - 13 school so we have a Principal and four Associate Principals all of whom have responsibilities across these years.
The Associate Principals cover these four areas:
Curriculum - which is focused on academics from Years 1 - 13 including NCEA qualifications, as well as sport, performing arts and service and leadership training which has its own special focus. The AP Curriculum also looks after reporting to parents.

Teaching and Learning - which is focused on what happens in classrooms in particular. The AP Teaching and Learning looks after staff professional learning, staff appraisal, the program for beginning teachers and is responsible for ensuring the growing quality of learning in the school.

Pastoral Care and Counselling - which is focused on ensuring that all students are cared for emotionally and that discipline systems are focused on growing young people and helping them mature as self-controlled individuals. The AP Pastoral Care and Counselling does not engage in any disciplinary action with students but oversees the systems we use for all facets of pastoral care

Service and Leadership Training - which is focused on our mission of producing graduates who are committed to serving others and who are people of influence in whatever sphere of work they may find themselves. The AP Service and Leadership Training oversees and organises opportunities for service and leadership training across Years 1 - 13 for students.
Heads of School - the school is organised in three broad divisions: Years 1 - 6 (Primary), Years 7 - 9 (Junior Secondary) and Years 10 - 13 (Senior Secondary). Each is led by a person responsible for daily administration and pastoral care and they work with team leaders at each level.
See the diagram on this site for a full description of our structure.