Head of Junior Secondary Years 7 - 9

John Mudge
Head of Junior Secondary
07 579 1801

My role is to oversee the daily administration of Junior Secondary.  At Bethlehem College, this incorporates Years 7 to 9 and involves 450 students and sixteen homeroom class teachers. Students at this age are still looking for key adults in their lives that they can relate to. Junior Secondary is structured in such a way that the Homeroom Teacher has maximum contact with their class thus enabling them to build strong relationships with their students.

It is also an exciting time of transition where we see children develop into young men and woman. It is a time of rapid growth that needs to be managed and channelled appropriately. Much time and effort has been spent to develop a programme, in and out of the classroom, that meets the needs of this exciting age group.

It is our desire to see all the young people in Junior Secondary work towards and achieve their God given potential in all facets of life, encouraging them to develop and use the talents and skills He has given them to grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. We also feel it is important to encourage our students to look for opportunities to serve others