Stuart Manners
Associate Principal
07 579 1870
My role is to oversee the delivery of curriculum at Bethlehem College across Years 1 - 13.  While we offer the New Zealand national curriculum and present students for National Certificate in Educational Achievement qualifications we also believe that curriculum is much broader than that.
At this school, our curriculum encompasses sport , performing arts, service and leadership training all infused with Biblical Christian perspectives as we seek to educate young people on the basis of a Godly view of the world and their place in it.
I work with team leaders and heads of departments across the school to ensure that curriculum, reporting to parents and NCEA requirements are well implemented. In 2010 we have been working on reporting against the National Standards in Years 1 - 8, re-writing our curriculum units in light of the Revised National Curriculum requirements and developing our thinking in regard to the BC curriculum and the qualities of the BC Student.