Comments from International Students


7703452.jpgMy name is Kai Ni Wong (Mickey) and I am studying at Bethlehem College.  Life here is very different from life in Hong Kong.  I was studying all the time when I was in HK.  Over here I'm much more relaxed and I have free time to do the things I want.  Here at school there are lots of professional music teachers, so if you are a music student and you want to come here, then you can still continue your music studies.  Even if you have never learnt music before, you can still come and pick it up here.  I hadn't learnt any music before I came here and I wanted to play the flute.  I started it and I've made lots of friends and my English has improved a lot for it.



7703261.jpgWhen I came to Bethlehem College, my impression on the first day was that the International students got such a warm welcome.  Everyone is so friendly and ready to talk to you.  BC is a very good community, both in international and across the whole school.  There's always someone to help you, and you are treated as equals to the Kiwi students.  There are also a lot of things you can get involved in.  It has a really high standard in all categories: academics, sports, cultural and community services.  The school gives everyone the best opportunities to do what they are interested in, and I believe that it will keep growing and challenging young people like us to become the best we can be.
Fern (Chittranuch) Napawan, Year 12


7703172.jpgBethlehem College is the finest school in Tauranga.  This school has a good reputation for education systems, sports, staff and facilities.  As I play many sports, I want to share some information about sport within BC.    There are a lot of teams such as; football, basketball, rugby, hockey, rowing, etc.  They are well organised and as many students play - there is always competition to get into the top team.  Everyone is quite competitive and enthusiastic.  The good things about playing sport for BC is there is no racism and everyone is nice!  It is a good chance to meet new friends and improve your English.  These are reasons why I think Bethlehem College is the finest school in Tauranga.  You should come here and have a wonderful time.
Daniel (Seung Min) Yang, Year 13



My name is Mizuki Miyazawa and I am in Year 11 at Bethlehem College.  I have found that speaking English with people at school is so much fun, like when I am eating lunch with my friends and talking with students from different countries.  Before I came to New Zealand and this school, I felt that "English is just a subject", but now I can say that "English is NOT just a subject" because it is a tool to communicate with a lot of people.  We can understand each other, and I am so glad and happy.  I want to say thank you to Bethlehem College for giving me such a fun experience, and such a wonderful year!